Research Projects

Currently, PTLUP participates, as coordinator or contractor, in the following research projects:





In the past, PTLUP has been involved as a coordinator or partner in many European and National Research projects:

- INTERREG IIIA, GREECE-ITALY Development of a multidisciplinary scientific network for the investigation and application of biomaterials 2006 -2008

- PEP WESTERN GREECE: Preperation of "smart" ceramic materials for building applications 2006-2008

- FP6 IP Advanced Thin Film Technologies for Cost Effective Photovoltaics (ATHLET) 2006-2010

- PENED 2003 Alteration of surface properties of natural and synthetic textiles with low and atmospheric pressure plasma 2005-2008

- PENED 2003 Development of nano-structured electrodes and electrolytes for prototype solid state fuel cells 2005-2008

- GREECE-CHINA cooperation projects - Deposition rate and % crystalline volume fraction optimization of plasma deposited microcrystalline silicon thin films through experimental and theoretical investigations 2005-2007

- Pythagoras Enhancement of silicon thin film solar cells efficiency with microcrystalline silicon as i-layer 2004-2006

- FP5 Plasma Technology Network (PlasmaTech) 2002-2004

- FP5 Amorphous Silicon Network (a-SiNet) 2001-2004

- FP5 Development Of Innovative Nanocomposites Coating for Magnesium Castings Protection (Nanomag) 2002-2005

- FP5 Development of an Optimised Integrated Thin-film silicon solar module (DOIT) 2001-2004

- New and Enhanced Silicon Thin-Film Solar Cells (NEST) (JOULE) 97-99

- Higher Efficiency through decreased Light Induced degradation and Optimization of amorphous Silicon (HELIOS) (JOULE) 94-96

- New and more stable amorphous silicon based materials for photovoltaics (NAMS) (JOULE) 92-94

- Plasma Deposition Systems for Photovoltaic Quality Amorphous Hydrogenated Silicon and Alloys. Plasma Diagnostics and Materials Characterization (JOULE) 90-92

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