Project: NanoMag


Title: "Development Of Innovative Nanocomposites Coating for Magnesium Castings Protection"

Short Description: The project aimed to develop new, corrosion resistant coatings by clean, environmentally friendly  processes, to enable the replacement of  hazardous protective coating processes.

The industrial objectives were the development of production processes specifically adapted and applied to magnesium alloys used in automotive and aeronautical applications that provide:

- Improved corrosion resistance

- Improved wear resistance

- Improved adhesion of paint and adhesive-joining materials


Project addressed fundamental areas of:

- Corrosion and passivation mechanisms of magnesium alloys

- Wear and lubrications mechanisms of magnesium alloys in automotive and aerospace environments (atmosphere, temperature, pressure, velocity, materials, etc.)

- Bonding, adhesion and interface characterisation of magnesium alloys with various coatings


Start Date: 2002-01-01

End Date: 2005-12-31

Duration: 36 months

Project Status: Completed


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