Research Areas

The research in PTLUP aims at the development of plasma processes and equipment through understanding of the elementary process mechanisms. The strategy followed for the development of each process-material-application set is based on the use of -many unique- plasma diagnostic techniques that are then combined with plasma-CFD modeling and correlated with material characterization techniques for achieving optimized material properties and yield.


Some of the targeted materials/applications are:


-Intrinsic and Doped (a-Si:H, μC-Si:Hthin-films for

- Large Area Photovoltaics

- Thin-Film Transistors (TFT’s)

- Optoelectronic Sensors

- SiOx thin films for

- Highly Resistive Coatings

- Barrier and Protective Coatings

- DLC coatings

- Modification of surface properties (wetability, adhesion, Biocompatibility etc)

- Deposition of PolyAcrylic Acid films (Bio-Functionalisation)

- Deposition of hydrophobic and hydrophylic coatings (CFx, TiOx, PEO-like)

- Applications of Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas (Surface Treatment, Plasma Medicine

- Design and Testing of RF Capacitive and High Density (Inductive, ECWR, Hollow Cathode) Plasma Sources



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