Project: NAMS



Title: "New and more stable a-Si:H based materials for PV"

Short Description: The intrinsic layer of a-Si:H based solar cells can be inherently unstable. The feasibility study conducted during this project of the metastability of this compound in conditions not considered standard, has enabled the preparation of more stable films, suitable for the construction of efficient, stable cells and modules.

Metastability of amorphous silicon was a key issue in the manufacture of solar cells and modules when this project was launched. The objective of this project was to carry out a feasibility study on a-Si:H metastability in very different conditions from those considered standard, in order to obtain more stable films, suitable for the construction of efficient and stable cells and modules. The aim was to investigate and test possible alternative ways to produce a more stable material. The study led to the definition of the "technical path" to be followed and which constituted the theoretical basis of the HELIOS project (JOU2-CT94-0403) which led to the construction of the device.

Project Status: Completed

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