Books & Edited Volumes




"Programming for Scientists and Engineers, Fortran 90/95"

D. Mataras and F. Koutelieris

Tziola, Thessaloniki 2001, ISBN 960-7219-43-X (in Greek)




"Diagnostics of a-Si plasma processes"

G. Turban, B. Drevillon, D. Mataras, D. Rapakoulias

In "Plasma Deposition of Amorphous Silicon Based Materials"

Edited by G. Bruno, P. Capezzuto, and A. Madan, Academic Press 1995, pp. 63-129



"Optical and Electrical Diagnostics in low pressure plasmas"

D. Mataras and D.E. Rapakoulias

In "Plasma Treatment and Deposition of Polymers" 

Edited by R. d’ Agostino, Pietro Favia and Francesco Fracassi, Kluwer Academic Publishers 1997, pp.65-80

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