PTLUP is equipped with the following Plasma Reactors:    



HV Reactor

160 cm in diameter stainless steel reactor generally used for the development of diagnostics and fundamental studies. It is equipped with Spatially Resolved OES, Laser Induced Fluoprescence, Electrical diagnostics and LRI. A 1m monochromator (3600 gr/mm grating) or alternatively a 300 mm imaging spectrograph is used for spectroscopic analysis.


UHV Silicon

Two chamber load-lock UHV reactor with continuously adjustable interelectrode spacing, used for device quality processing. Primary and secondary vacuum pumping are based on a roots pumping station and a turbomolecular pump respectively. The system is equiped with electrical and optical diagnostics, LRI and RGA as well as Laser Scaterring particle detection.



Fully automated large area deposition of thin films from organometalic and organosilicon precursors. The chamber is equiped with two 20 cm electrodes that can both be powered and have an adjustable distance from 1 to 8 cm. it also has has two rectangular 5x25 cm windows for optical diagnostics.



High Density Plasma Reactor built in 2008. It is equipped with an ECWR plasma source (CCR Copra 250). It has large viewports for plasma diagnosis and can accomodate surface up to 10 x 10 cm. It is used for the deposition of oxides and other nanostructured inorganic materials


Helical ICP

Typical helical ICP quartz reactor that was built in 2006. It can accomodate smal size substrates (2 x2 cm).  Deposition and treatment can be either performed in the plasma zone or in the afterglow. It was initially used for treatment of plastics and recently for the deposition of ceramic materials


Hollow Cathode

Hollow cathode source built in 2008 as a modification of the UHV CCP reactor. It supports the gas introduction either through the cathode holes or through rings directly into the plasma zone. It is currently used for high - rate deposition of amorphous and microcrystalline silicon


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